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The Eventful Years—Memoirs of Chen Jinhua (English Version) Launches in London

The Eventful Years, a memoir by Mr. Chen Jinhua, former Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Honorary President of China Association of Entrepreneurs, was launched in London on 26 June. The launching ceremony was attended by over 100 people from all walks of life in Britain, with Mr. Chen Jinhua, Charge d’Affaires Zhang Lirong, CEO of BP Tony Hayward, and Advisor to Sinopec Wang Jiming, addressing the audience.

Mr. Chen, quoting a line from the preface of his book (English version), said, “in its development, China has got the attention, support and cooperation of countries around the world, and China’s development, in turn, has strongly supported the sustained growth of the global economy and become an increasingly important factor in the world.” There is a testimony to the rapid growth of China-UK economic ties and trade, which soared from US$ 760 million in the early years of reform and opening-up to nearly US$ 40 billion in 2007, a growth by unprecedented 52 folds.

Mutual understanding, friendly cooperation and win-win based on mutual benefit, Mr. Chen remarked, served as the foundation for growing economic ties and trade between the two countries. The launching in Britain of the book was intended to help British readers, young readers in particularly, so that they could contribute to deeper mutual understanding and greater cooperation between China and Britain.

Mr. Zhang Lirong, congratulating on the launching of the English version of The Eventful Years, said, the book covered a wide range of historical events and, while recording faithfully and in great details of major events in relation to reform and opening-up policy in China, made thought-provoking summary of the experience as well as lessons of the past and those presented, based on a rediscovery of certain basic and fundamental rules, inspirational insights. The book has provided important reference to a better understanding, by the younger generation in particular, of the history of China’s reform and opening-up, and the background behind the making of major decisions by the Chinese government and the process of the country’s economic restructuring.

BP, as one of the first foreign companies entering Chinese market in the early years of reform and opening-up, said Mr. Hayward, was privileged to witness the fast growth of China in 30 years. From mere technological transfer at the start to latterly setting up joint ventures, BP has altogether invested US$ 4.5 billion in China so far. After tragic earthquakes in Sichuan, BP expressed deep sympathy and made donation to the victims and will continue to do what it can for people in the disaster-hit areas. Chen Jinhua is a participant in the making and execution of many of the major decisions involving reform and opening-up in China. The launching of his book will help British companies and the public better understand China.

Wang Jiming also lauded in his remarks the tremendous contribution Chen Jinhua had made to the expansion of Sinopec while serving as the first General Manager of the corporation.

The Eventful Years is an autobiography by Chen Jinhua that recorded some of the major events in China since the 1970s, particularly stories, based on his personal experience, behind the making and implementation of major policies involving economic development and industrial modernization by the Chinese government and the Communist Party. The book gives a vivid reflection of historic changes that the reform and opening-up policy brought to China and the win-win cooperation between China and other countries, particularly foreign companies. The Eventful Years was published in Chinese in July 2005 and well received in China. The Japanese version was published in August 2007.

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