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Ambassador Fu Ying Holds a Send-off Reception for Alex Hua Tian

      In the evening on 14 July 2008, the grand ballroom in the Chinese Embassy to UK was immersed in beautiful flowers and folk music. Ambassador Fu Ying held a send-off reception for Chinese rider Hua Tian, who is going to Beijing for the Olympic three-part equestrian event. Over 100 people were present including representatives from British political, sports, industrial and commercial sectors, Chinese enterprises, and members of British and Australian equestrian teams.

      Ambassador Fu first expressed her pleasure in sending off Chinese athlete Alex Hua Tian who is going to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. She expressed welcome and thanks to those present for their good wishes to Alex.

Fu Ying said that born to a Chinese father and a British mother, Alex is the crystallization of the best of Chinese and British nations. His handsome appearance and excellent riding skill have gained him a large Chinese following. His resolute decision to attend the Olympics representing China has aroused great expectations from both Chinese and British audience.

Mme. Fu noted that Alex’s qualification for the Olympics is a breakthrough of China’s participation in tree-part equestrian event. Alex was only 10 when Beijing successfully won the bid for the Olympics 7 years ago. The Olympic dream has been sowed in his heart since his childhood. As a result of the care and rigorous education of his parents, meticulous coaching of professional coach and full support of sponsors, and relying on his talent and great efforts, Alex has been continuously creating miracles in equestrian sport.

Fu Ying shared her impression when she watched Alex in three-part equestrian event in Chatsworth in May. She said she was deeply impressed when Alex jumped repeatedly on the back of his Irish Fiddle, passed over hedges and obstacles elegantly and completed the event successfully. She was mostly moved by the small yet bright five-star red flag on Alex’s saddle. She believed that the Chinese audience would cheer on his performance at the Olympics.

The ambassador said as modern equestrian sport was originated in Europe, China’s overall level is lagging behind. Alex’s success will facilitate the development of Chinese equestrian sport and bring more social attention and input into the sport. Fu Ying expressed appreciation to Alex's sponsor Shoes World Company and thanks to China Mobile for sponsoring the reception, and hoped that more enterprises would join in the efforts in supporting Alex and Chinese equestrian sport. She believed that Alex would give better performance at the 2012 London Olympics.

Fu Ying finally briefed the guests of preparations for Beijing Olympics and indicated that 10,000 athletes from 200 countries and regions will participate in the games. 30,000 journalists will cover the sport events, and TV live broadcast will be open and transparent. Around 500,000 foreign tourists and over 2 million local audiences will watch the games in Beijing. This is a good opportunity to allow the world to feel and get to know a real China. Beijing Olympics will become a beautiful moment for China and the world to sing the praises of life, friendship and to realize one dream in one world.

Fu Ying believed that the fact China and UK hosting the Olympics successively would further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in cultural, sports and educational fields.

 Alex presented flowers to Ambassador Fu to show thanks. His father Hua Shan noted in his speech that Alex is looking forward to attending the Olympics representing China on China’s territory. As the first Chinese rider to attend the Olympics, Alex has successfully brought Chinese people’s attention to this somewhat marginalized sport event. Hua Shan also expressed thanks to Alex’s coach and esteemed teacher Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, and to Mr. Jiang Mingcan and Shoes World Company for sponsoring Alex. He hoped that Beijing Olympics would play a long-term role in pushing ahead Chinese equestrian sport and lay a foundation for training a new generation of riders and realize a new prosperity of equestrian sport.

The reception was part of the Olympics promotion activities of the Embassy. A small sized Olympics picture exhibition was held at the same time. Of a novel form and rich content, the reception was blessed with a friendly atmosphere and a hearty response. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Homeland-Motherland performed by Chinese artists brought the reception to a climax.

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