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The Chinese Embassy Holds National Day Reception for Overseas Chinese to Celebrate the 59th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

In the evening of 16th September the Chinese Embassy in London was decorated by lanterns and imbued with joy. The Embassy staff joined the over 400 overseas Chinese, students and representatives of Chinese companies in Britain and Chinese media to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Along the corridor leading from the front gate and the stairs there were pictures of the Beijing Olympic Games, China's reform and opening-up, earthquake and disaster relief, China's customs and landscape. Wide screens were repeatedly showing the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, President Hu Jintao holding welcoming banquet for guests to the Games and video of Chinese landscape.

The reception started with the solemn national anthem. All stood and sang along. Ambassador Fu Ying made a speech. She expressed her festival greetings and best wishes on behalf of the motherland and the Embassy to all overseas Chinese and students.

Fu Ying said that 2008 was a year to remember forever. It is in 2008 that we endures as much joy and pride as hardship. The snow storm early this year had not stopped our way forward. The earthquake in Sichuan that caused heavy causalities had not destroyed the nation. The interference of the torch relay abroad only reinforced our determination to host a good Olympics with Chinese features.

A country suffers before it gets prosperous. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people unites as one and overcome one difficulty after another. The Beijing Olympic Games is held successfully to be followed by another successfully Paralympics. China has realized it century-old Olympic dream and showed the world a confident, open and prosperous yet true China. It will move faster towards the goal of a strong, democratic, culturally-rich and harmonious society.

Fu Ying said China also owed these results to overseas Chinese and students. They fought at the forefront when the torch relay was interfered with abroad; they tried their utmost and donated 2 million pounds after the Sichuan earthquake. These showed their patriotism, and love for the nation. Fu Ying expressed her heart-felt thanks and highest respect to them on behalf of the Chinese people.

Fu Ying said 2008 also saw ups and downs in China-Britain relations but on the whole it maintained a momentum. With the current international financial crisis there were both opportunities and challenges for economic relations and trade between China and Britain. In the first half of this year British export to China grew by 40% and Chinese export to UK by 19%. Chinese investment also increased fast in Britain.

Olympic cooperation between China and Britain would become a new highlight in bilateral relations. Sports authorities in the two countries were discussing cooperation for 2012 London Olympic Games, how to learn from each other in table tennis, badminton, diving and gym at which China was good and gigging, sailing and bicycle at which Britain was good. The Beijing Olympic Games had brought orders for British companies. The Chinese companies also looked forward to participating in the bidding of London Olympic projects. The two sides could also share experience and cooperate on construction of stadiums and match organization.

Cultural and educational exchange grew steadily. There were 75,000 Chinese students in Britain. Over 200,000 Chinese tourists came each year. China Now organized 1,300 activities throughout Britain. Students were eager to learn China in primary and secondary schools. This year there were 95 Chinese teaching assistants coming to British schools as volunteers.

Fu Ying said that over the years overseas Chinese and students made contributions to the British society. The Embassy would like to express its appreciation. It, as always, would continue to provide assistance and facilitation to them.

Overseas Chinese congratulated the motherland on its 59th birthday and the success of the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics. The success showed China's growing strength and promoted understanding of the world towards China. Overseas Chinese were extremely pound of it. They all praised China for the great achievements of reform and opening in the past 30 years. They said that their hearts were in China though they were outside and would like to make positive contributions to China's modernization, unification, closer relations between China and Britain and better understanding of the British people towards China.

Fu Ying also shared a birthday cake with the guests and wished China prosperity and Chinese people health and happiness.

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