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Speech by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Victory Party for the Chinese Sports Delegation to London Paralympic Games

Head of the Chinese Delegation Mr. Wang Xinxian,

Leaders, athletes, coaches and members of the Chinese Paralympic sports delegation, It gives me great pleasure to host this victory party here for our heroes in the Chinese sports delegation to the London Paralympic Games.

First, I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to you. You have lived up to great expectations in the “homeland of Paralympics”. You won the first gold medal in the Paralympics, and since then you have been creating the Paralympic and world records and leading the medal table by a large margin.

So far you have won a total of 194 medals, including 75 golds, 64 silvers and 55 bronzes. This means that you have achieved the best results of the Chinese “Paralympic Corps” competing abroad in terms of both total and gold medal counts. Your exceptional performance has not only encouraged the 1.3 billion Chinese people, but also won plaudits from the spectators at the venue and in front of television both in Britain and around the world.

Even the always picky British media poured praises on you. The most common words they use to describe you are “remarkable”, “fantastic”, “most impressive”, “King of London” and “China’s moment”.

I also want to pay the highest tribute to you. From the “London Bowl” main stadium with 8 million spectators to the packed Aquatics Centre, and to all the competition venues with deafening cheers, the five-star red flag rise and the “March of the Volunteers” is played again and again. You have won new great honours for the motherland and people with your great achievements.

You have demonstrated to hundreds of millions of the viewers your precious virtue of self-improvement and pursuit of excellence. You have shown to the world the spirit of the disabled people and the flourishing development of the undertakings for the disabled people in China. You have also embodied the hard-working and active styles of the Chinese nation today.

We greatly admire your outstanding performance and we have a lot to learn from your hard-working spirit. With your inspiration we will bear in mind our missions, bravely face difficulties, forge ahead and make continuous progress in the diplomatic work.

Finally I sincerely extend my best wishes to you. In two days the London Paralympic Games will come to an end, and you will return to the warm embrace of the motherland with great honours and start new journeys in your life. I hope that you will never forget the essence of Paralympics: transcendence, integration, courage and equality. I sincerely wish you optimism, courage and happiness in your future career and life, and I wish you greater success.

Thank you!

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