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Chinese Embassy Refutes The Guardian's Editorial on Hong Kong
The following is a letter from Mr. Miao Deyu, Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, responding to the Guardian's articles on Hong Kong on 2 December 2014.

I write to express strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the views in your editorial on Hong Kong (2 December). First, Occupy Central is in no way “peaceful protest”. It is a farce that is against the purpose of democracy and jeopardises the rule of law. Months of blocking artery streets and putting government buildings under siege are neither democracy nor freedom. They are illegal activities that amount to a political trifle and disturb the social order. Most people in Hong Kong have a clear understanding about this. So does China’s central government and the government of Hong Kong.
Second, Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China after its return. Its affairs are solely China’s internal affairs. Britain has no sovereignty, no right of administration or supervision, and no moral obligation towards Hong Kong. By proceeding with political reform in accordance with the relevant decisions of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress on the election of Hong Kong chief executive in 2017 and the basic law, Hong Kong will, for the first time in history, witness election of the chief executive through one man one vote. That will be a historic step in Hong Kong’s democracy. The Chinese government firmly opposes interference in its domestic affairs by any foreign government, institution or individual. The House of Commons foreign affairs committee’s visit to Hong Kong (Report, 3 December) is an interference in China’s domestic affairs. China is firmly opposed to it and will never accept it.
Third, democracy is not a patent of the west. All countries have the right to choose the political system and development path suited to their national conditions. China is endeavouring to strengthen democracy and the rule of law. It is willing to listen to well-intentioned and constructive suggestions and proposals from all sides. To lecture China like a schoolmaster and with a sense of superiority is not acceptable. China is a staunch force for world peace and development, which now contributes to nearly 30% of the world economic growth and 50% to Asia’s economic growth. Its development will bring more opportunities to other countries. A peaceful, prosperous, stable and growing China will always be a positive force in the international community.
Miao Deyu
Spokesman of the Chinese embassy
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