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Remarks by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at a Reception to Mark the Successful State Visit of President Xi Jinping
Chinese Embassy, November 3, 2015

Lord Hood,

Dear guests and colleagues,

A very warm welcome to the Chinese Embassy.

First of all, I wish to thank you all for joining us in marking the success of the State Visit of President Xi Jinping.

President Xi's visit can be described as a 'super State Visit', with three 'super's', that is, 'super programme', 'super outcome' and 'super significance'.

First, the 'super programme'. The State Visit was full of highlights. It broke many records and created many first's:

· There was the highest level of traditional Royal pageantry culminating in Her Majesty's State Banquet and the Lord Mayor's dinner in the Guildhall.

· There were friendly meetings and discussions between the President and three generations of the Royal Family.

· President Xi and Prime Minister Cameron held a series of important meetings.

· On top of these formal talks, there were fourteen events in which President Xi and Prime Minister Cameron had close interactions. They had unprecedented 15 hours together during the State Visit.

· President Xi Jinping was the first Chinese President to make a speech at the Palace of Westminster to members of both Houses of Parliament.

· President Xi also delivered speeches in the City, at the Business Summit, at the Confucius Institute event and in Manchester City Hall.

· There were also visits to the Creative Industry Show, the Imperial College, the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester and the Immarsat Company.

Of course, the State Visit also saw Madame Peng Liyuan visiting Fortismere College, the Royal College of Music and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Her decorum as well as her wisdom shown throughout the visit was an absolute highlight.

Second, the 'super outcomes'. The State Visit was also a journey of cooperation laden with 'super outcomes'.

During this visit, the President and the Prime Minister gave a new definition to the bilateral relationship. They made the commitment that China and the UK "will work together to build a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century."

That was the key outcome of the State Visit.

Other major outcomes include:

· Thirteen inter-governmental and non-commercial agreements and twenty eight commercial contracts valued at a grand total of 40 billion pounds, not least Hinkley Point C.

· Five billion Renminbi worth of Chinese Central Bank bills to be issued in London. This will be followed by prospective issuance in London of the very first RMB sovereign bond outside China

· An agreement to establish an Innovation Cooperation Partnership. This will raise the level of China-UK cooperation in innovation.

· An announcement on establishing a high-level security dialogue. Our two countries will further enhance security and law-enforcement cooperation.

· Potential cooperation on each other's major initiatives, namely China's 'Belt and Road' initiative and the UK's 'Northern Powerhouse.'

Now, we come to the third 'super'. The State Visit was a remarkable diplomatic accomplishment with 'super significance'.

· The State Visit made headlines and became the focus of all forms of media. In China, in the UK and all over the world, on TV, in the papers and on line, every media was covering the visit and commenting on China-UK relations.

· There was enormous interest in every aspect of the State Visit:

o From the 'Golden Era' of China-UK relationship to major commercial contracts.

o From the Royal Carriages to the meetings at Chequers.

o From the traditional pub – the Plough in Cadsden, the Indian Pale Ale with fish and chips to the iconic Aguero selfie.

· Someone accurately observed that watching the State Visit on TV was like following a drama series – you became glued to the TV screen for more and more. The reason was that every episode was brilliant!

· To me, the State Visit was like a 'diplomatic blockbuster'. It aimed high with a great theme and rich contents. The story took place here in the British Isles. But its impact has been felt far and wide on the Continent and around the globe.

Today, we are gathered here for yet one more reason.

Over the past year, we have worked together closely in preparation for this visit. I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to every British colleague and friend present here.

Many of you were involved. There were the Royal Household, the UK Government, the British Parliament, the Metropolitan Police and all the institutions and organizations that hosted the President and Madam Peng. All those involved have been working so hard to ensure the success of the State Visit. This success came from great attention to details. There have been so many meticulous and exceptional arrangements.

In the week leading up to the State Visit, our careful design, in depth discussions and joint recce trips led to a most satisfactory programme.

During the visit, we appreciated and supported each other's efforts and collaborated well. Your enthusiastic input, plus the close cooperation between our two sides, has been absolutely indispensable in the eventual success of the State Visit.

So I wish to say to my British colleagues and friends, from the bottom of my heart,

"Thank you very much!"

Ladies and Gentlemen:

President Xi quoted Shakespeare in his speech in Parliament. He said:

"What's past is prologue".

The historic State Visit has propelled China-UK relationship into a 'Golden Era'. We now have before us broad and promising prospects for our bilateral relations.

The State Visit has drawn a fresh starting line for us. We must seize this opportunity and carry on with our win-win spirit.

Let us work hand in hand to implement the agreement of our leaders.

Let us deepen China-UK cooperation in all areas.

Let us make further progress in building a global comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the UK for the 21st century.

I now propose a toast

· To the success of the State Visit by President Xi Jinping,

· To the 'Golden Era' of China-UK relations,

· To our continuing cooperation and friendship.


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