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The Chinese Embassy Team Achieves Good Results once again at the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2019

On June 30, 2019, the 24th London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival was held at the London Regatta Centre on the north bank of the River Thames, attracting 70 dragon boat teams, including teams from the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London, the Chinese companies and institutions in the UK as well as local rowing clubs. Thousands of people including the local British and Chinese community watched the race. Minister Chen Wen, Minister Counsellor Guo Yuliang and Minister Counsellor Yang Xiaokun of the Chinese Embassy came to cheer on the Chinese Embassy team and took part in the race.

The Thames river bank was decorated with colourful flags, fluttering in the wind. In loud drum beats, dragon boats vied for position. Watched and cheered on by crowds on the bank, the teams worked hard and raced each other. Pooling their efforts, the paddlers from the Chinese Embassy cleaved through the water, their courage mounting as the race progressed. After three trials and one knockout, the Chinese Embassy team reached the final, ranking the fourth, and finished the Fifth.

The Embassy also staged a public cultural event during the race, introducing the traditional Chinese culture to the British people and presenting China to the public as a major country that keeps making progress since its founding 70 years ago. The top of the Embassy’s booth was decorated with a beautiful design of dragon and some traditional banners. Crowds of people stopped by to watch and participated in handicraft making such as painting facial masks and twining colourful strings. They also posed for photos in front of a giant background board showing the Temple of Heaven.

During this event, the Chinese Embassy team displayed their courage and team spirit in face of strong rivals to win good results in the races. The various activities organized by the Chinese Embassy on the spot helped the British public to understand the Chinese culture and enhanced the friendship between the peoples of the two countries. The Embassy staff and their families participated in the event and cheered each other on, making it an opportunity to not only improve their physical fitness but also build friendship, and enhance cohesion and teamwork of the Embassy.

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The annual “London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival” is co-hosted by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London and London Chinatown Lions Club and supported by the Hong Kong Executives Club and the London Chinatown Chinese Community Centre. The event, combining the traditional Chinese lion dance, martial arts displays, live music, and the tasty Asian food, was well received by the local people. It has promoted Chinese culture and enhanced the friendship between the Chinese and British people.

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