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Minister Chen Wen Attends the UK Defence Forum

On July 3, 2019, Minister Chen Wen attended the UK Defence Forum and delivered a speech entitled Practice the New Vision of Security in Safeguarding World Peace and Stability. Heather Wheeler MP, Minister for Housing and Homelessness, John Woodcock MP, Admiral Lord West of Spithead, former First Sea Lord and Security Minister, the Rt Hon Lord Selkirk of Douglas, Baroness Falkner of Magravine, John Everard, former Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and other prominent British political and diplomatic figures were present.

Minister Chen said in her speech that the world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The Chinese side believes that despite the rising challenges of protectionism and regional conflicts, peace and development remain the theme of our times. China champions common, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable security and strives to make its contribution to addressing global challenges. Commenting on the hot topics of China-US trade consultation, China’s military strength and the Korean nuclear issue, she said, “China has no intention to challenge anyone even when it grows strong.” “China will remain the upholder of world peace, the contributor of global development, and the defender of the international order.” China follows a defence policy that is defensive in nature and actively participates in international cooperation on security. China advocates win-win cooperation and the settlement of international disputes through dialogue and consultation.

After the speech, Minister Chen answered questions about China’s development path, military strength, South China Sea, Huawei, ethnic and religious policies, Hong Kong, and environmental protection, etc.

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