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Minister Ma Hui Attends the Promotion of the Xinhua English Multimedia Service

On September 27, Minister Ma Hui from the Chinese Embassy attended the promotion event of the Xinhua English Multimedia Service hosted by London Bureau of Xinhua News Agency and delivered a speech. More than 50 representatives from Chinese and British media and business community were present, including Gu Zhenqiu, Head of Xinhua's London Bureau, and Keith Bennett, Vice Chairman of the 48 Group.

Minister Ma said, Xinhua News Agency is the largest and most influential news agency in China. In this day and age, as information travels at an increasingly fast speed and new technologies emerge every day, Xinhua News Agency has strived to keep abreast with the times. Today’s launch of the English Multimedia Service is a good example of such efforts. Its significance is reflected in three aspects. First, it will be a new name card to advertise Xinhua’s quality news. This English Multimedia Service meets the needs of diversified and customized news while providing a rich variety of real-time and high-quality news products. This will enable Xinhua to increase its influence as a well-known brand and achieve both social and economic results. Second, with the English Multimedia Service, Xinhua is in a better position to show the world a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and real China. Third, Xinhua’s English Multimedia Service will facilitate closer exchanges and cooperation with media institutions of other countries. It will give Chinese and foreign media institutions an opportunity to come together and provide high-quality, timely and objective news to the public, to enhance exchanges and mutual learning between themselves, to expand the areas of their cooperation and to achieve win-win results.

Minister Ma said, “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is also the 65th anniversary of China-UK diplomatic relationship at the chargé d’affaires level. Over the years, Xinhua News Agency has witnessed and recorded the great journey and the invaluable lessons of China-UK relations. It will continue to play a positive role in advancing this relationship, in particular, in building a closer bond between our peoples. I am confident that Xinhua News Agency will carry forward its fine traditions, forge ahead from a new starting point, tell China’s stories to the world, and make new, greater contribution to the sound and steady development of China-UK relations.”

Vice Chairman Bennett extended his congratulations on the 70th Anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China and the 88th Anniversary of the founding of Xinhua News Agency. He said Xinhua News Agency is an important channel for his colleagues and himself to know and understand China and the rest of the world. He congratulated Xinhua News Agency on launching the English Multimedia Service, which keeps pace with the times and sets a new benchmark in the competitive global media market. He was convinced that Xinhua News Agency would maintain its original aspiration and mission to introduce China to the world and the World to China, so as to make positive contribution to the community with a shared future for mankind.

Gu Zhenqiu, Head of Xinhua News Agency London Bureau, said that Xinhua News Agency has always been devoted to providing quality news service. The English Multimedia Service, a multimedia product designed for its large amount of users, is a new window through which the British media and public could learn more about China and the world, and a new product cultivated from exploration and innovation under the new trend of the times. Xinhua News Agency will continue to listen to advice and suggestions from friends from all walks of life and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with British media.

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The English Multimedia Service is the first ever service specially designed by Xinhua News Agency to provide English multimedia content for news websites and APPs. China and global trending news will be reported from 220 hotspot branches around the world. Users can customise their own content with preferences, including business, education, politics, economy, science and technology and sports, and optimize their choices in accordance with their reading habits.

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