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Minister Chen Wen Talks about China's Fight against Covid-19 in a Live Interview on Sky News "Breakfast with Kay Burley"

On February 27, Minister Chen Wen of the Chinese Embassy in the UK gave a live interview on Sky News “Breakfast with Kay Burley” in which she talked about China’s fight against Covid-19 epidemic.

When asked about whether China reacted quickly after the outbreak, Minister Chen told Sky News that in fighting against Covid-19 epidemic, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive, vigorous and thorough measures that actually exceeded the scope of the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and also are above the requirements of International Health Regulation.

In regard to Dr. Li Wenliang’s death of the Covid-19 infection, Minster Chen said, “Dr. Li is indeed a hero. He is a member of the Communist Party of China. And actually he is one of thousands of them. 380 teams of medical staff from 29 provinces comprising of 42,000 medical workers arrived in Hubei to help Hubei province. 4000 military medical workers also arrived in Hubei.”

Regarding the question whether China “suppressed whistle-blowers”, “covered up the truth about the outbreak” and “arrested the person who filmed video clips”, Chen told the TV hostess that the WHO medical experts just made a 9-day tour in China, including Wuhan, together with Chinese medical staff. They came to the conclusion that all the figures are genuine and real. The new confirmed cases have started to fall, which shows that the measures adopted in China are very effective and successful. “The senior adviser to the WHO Director General said that the only successful measure we have seen so far in containing Covid-19 is in China.” “China is a country of rule of law. Everyone is equal before the law. Anyone who is breaking the law will be punished accordingly,” Chen said, adding that “it is unfair to blame China for lacking rule of law on one hand, and on the other hand to blame China for implementing rule of law”.

Regarding the question of when it would be safe for tourists to visit China and for people who have worked in China to return, Chen said, “We certainly hope the day will come sooner. Yesterday, President Xi Jinping presided over another meeting of the top leadership, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. During the meeting, President Xi Jinping and all the other members of the Standing Committee donated money to the fight against the disease. I think that sends out a very powerful message that the whole country is mobilized and unified around the leadership, and we are waging a ‘people’s war’. I think with the concerted efforts of the Chinese government, the concerted efforts of the Chinese people, that day will come very soon.”

When asked about the impact of the epidemic on China’s economy, Minister Chen said, “there are impacts, but they are temporary at the moment.” She further explained, “The basics of the Chinese economy are still good. The economy is highly resilient. The demand is very high. As the managing director of IMF predicted that the Chinese economy after the outbreak will come as a V-shape rebound.” “We have to promote the work to fight against the disease and at the same time to adopt a phased and prudent approach in restoring social and economic development,” She added.

When asked about the Chinese psyche if the Tokyo Olympics have to be cancelled because of the virus, Chen answered, “It’s a decision for the Olympic Committee as well as the Japanese government.” “At the moment, we are working very closely with the Japanese government and we have dominated testing kits to them to help them fight against the disease,” Chen said, “The disease has demonstrated or given prominence to the vision of President Xi, that is, to build a community of shared future for mankind. And the fight against the disease makes it all the more important and necessary to build it.” “In order to ensure Tokyo Olympics go ahead, that requires our concerted efforts and also in building a shared community of mankind.”

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