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· Archibishop of Canterbury offers support to China in fighting COVID-19(2020-02-22)
· First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland express sympathy for China over COVID-19(2020-02-22)
· Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Taiwan region's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO)(2020-02-20)
· The Chinese Embassy in the UK expresses thanks to the people for their sympathy, support and best wishes(2020-02-19)
· Embassy Spokesperson's letter to Financial Times on its unjustified comments on China's fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic(2020-02-19)
· Home Secretary Priti Patel stresses the importance of working together to combat spread of virus(2020-02-18)
· The Chair of the UK APPCG Richard Graham MP wrote to the Embassy to express sympathy to China(2020-02-18)
· Lord Dafydd Wigley Expressed Solidarity with the Chinese Government and People on Fighting against Covid-19(2020-02-15)
· Chief Executive of HSBC Global Banking and Markets Expresses Solidarity and Support for the Chinese People on Fighting 2019-nCov(2020-02-12)
· British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Appreciated and Expressed Support for China on Fighting against Coronavirus Outbreak(2020-02-11)
· UK Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government extends regards and appreciation to Chinese people on fighting 2019 nCorv(2020-02-09)
· Queen Elizabeth II Conveys Her Condolences and Blessings to the Chinese People in Their Efforts to Contain the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic(2020-02-08)
· Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang Meets with UK Ambassador to China Barbara Janet Woodward(2020-02-07)
· The Scottish Chambers of Commerce extends regards and support to Chinese people(2020-02-07)
· UUK and UKCISA Made Statements Accusing Racism and Hate Crime Against Chinese Students Over Coronavirus(2020-02-05)
· Director of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jiechi Speaks to UK Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser on the Phone(2020-02-05)
· Jia You China! -- Good wishes from Northern Ireland Politicians, Educators and Teachers and Students of Confucious Classrooms(2020-02-05)
· WHO: China has helped reducing the spread of the coronavirus(2020-02-04)
· China Newsletter (Supplement Issue: China's Novel Coronavirus Fight)(2020-02-01)
· [Xinhua] WHO opposes imposing travel or trade restrictions on China(2020-01-30)
· Embassy Spokesperson: Contact details for counter-coronavirus donations(2020-01-28)
· Embassy spokesperson: Report by The Sun groundless(2020-01-28)
· [Xinhua] Latest: Xi orders resolute efforts to curb virus spread(2020-01-23)
· The State Council Information Office of China holds a press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus-related pneumonia(2020-01-23)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on the spread of the novel coronavirus(2020-01-23)
Archibishop of Canterbury offers support to China in fighting COVID-19

Archibishop of Canterbury Justin Welby wrote to Ambassador Liu Xiaoming to express sympathy and support for China. He said that the government and people of China have been in his prayers and offered his ongoing support to China to fight COVID-19.

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