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Home > Topics > Riposte to Abe and Japanese Militarism
Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in London Ripostes to Japanese Groundless Accusations

On 2 January, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming published in Daily Telegraph an article titled Japan's Refusal to Face up to its Aggressive Past is Posing a Serious Threat to Global Peace. In the article, Ambassador Liu pointed out that it was wrong for Japanese Prime Minister to pay homage to the Yasukuni Shrine where 14 Class-A war criminals of WWII are honored. Ambassador Liu drew an analogy between Japanese militarism and Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter story, who dies hard because it never ceases its attempt to resurrect through his seven horcruxes. Like Voldemort, militarism in Japan has revived from time to time. It is now leading Japan on to a perilous path.

Following the article's publication, there have appeared in the same newspaper some intentional distortions from the Japanese side that vilify China as 'Voldemort of Asia'. Claims as such are unveiled smear campaign as they obscure truth with lies and confound right and wrong. They are utterly groundless and worryingly misleading.

As we all know, Japan's past aggression and colonialist war wreaked havoc on many countries, especially its Asian neighbors. However, up to today there are still some incorrigible people in Japan, who, in defiance of the whole world, attempt to deny Japan's aggressive past. Their real agenda is to invalidate the outcomes of WWII, overturn the post-war international order and return Japan to the path of militarism. These people and their attempts are the hotbed of instability in Asia, and breeding ground for tensions in Asia.

Japanese leader's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is a most telling example of such hazardous trend in Japan. If allowed to continue, militarism, the Voldemort of Japan, will rise again and keep haunting the Japanese people. More alarmingly, it will plunge Asia and the whole world into disaster.

Japan is China's neighbor. We want to develop a normal and good-neighborly relationship with the Japanese people. To achieve this, Japan needs to take a correct perspective of history. Japan should have the courage to face squarely its own past. This is an important foundation for developing China-Japan relations. It is also a matter of great moment that determines Japan's relations with its other Asian neighbors and the entire international community. Mr. Abe's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is an outrage to the Chinese people. It bulldozed down the political foundation of China-Japan relations. It is Mr. Abe who personally shut the door of dialogue with Chinese leadership.

China has a clean record. We never occupied any foreign land. We do not and will not engage in an arms race. China is firmly committed to the path of peaceful development. We are a staunch force for Asian stability and global peace. We stand ready to work with all just and peace-loving people to safeguard regional peace and stability as well as promote world peace and prosperity.

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