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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks

On the night of October 1st, more than 60 people, all wearing black masks to cover up their identities, gathered in front of the chancery of Chinese Embassy in the UK to create trouble. They hurled random objects onto the gate and even painted “Hong Kong independence” slogans on the wall on both sides of the gate.

These deplorable actions are anti-China and aimed at destabilising Hong Kong. They have severely challenged China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and threatened the dignity of the Chinese Embassy, and the safety and security of the premises and staff of the Embassy. We strongly condemn such actions and express grave indignation. We urge the British police to carry out a thorough investigation into this incident and bring the offenders to justice.

In recent months, the opposition and radical forces in Hong Kong have continuously perpetrated various forms of violence, which is completely unlawful, irrational and senseless, and which is nothing but political coercion and intimidation. The contemptible acts of defacing the Chinese Embassy prove once again an ironclad fact, that is, the real political intention of the opposition and radical forces is to destabilise Hong Kong and paralyse the SAR government so that they could seize administive power in Hong Kong and corrode the essence of “One Country, Two Systems”.

The Central Government of China firmly supports the Hong Kong SAR Government and Hong Kong police in taking all necessary measures to combat violence and stop crimes with a view to restoring social order as soon as possible, safeguard the rule of law and peace of the society, and ensure the long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong.

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