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Press Release:Updated Information about Yushu Earthquake

April 20, 2010

By April 20th, the death toll from the earthquake in Yushu County in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, Qinghai Province of China, has risen to 2,064. The number of people injured reached 12,135, of whom 1,434 were in serious condition. 175 people were still missing. The State Council of China has proclaimed April 21st a day of national mourning. The Chinese national flag will be lowered to half-mast around the country and at its overseas missions.

Following the quake on April 14th, the Chinese government has led a massive relief operation and made enormous efforts to assist survivors with their daily lives. Firstly, it acted to mobilize disaster-relief supplies. Currently, almost all the affected people have settled into tents. They have been provided with food, clean water and necessary medical treatment. Secondly, it made plans for relief measures after the quake. Those in difficulty will get financial subsidy and food. Orphans, widowed senior citizens and the disabled will be entitled to cash support. Thirdly, it has guided disaster-relief donations. Donations in cash and kind have been offered by people from all walks of life. Various departments are also working closely to ensure the supply of funds and supplies and normal functioning of the market to meet the basic needs of people in affected areas.

As the next step, priority will be given to ensuring a normal life for affected people, addressing the needs of bereaved families, assessing the disaster, rebuilding collapsed homes and the use and management of disaster-relief materials and funds.

In terms of the rescue efforts, well equipped professional teams have been dispatched to quake-hit areas in large numbers. By April 17th, more than 15,000 rescuers, including army, armed police, policemen and firefighters and special police, and more than 1,500 quake and disaster rescue staff have joined rescue operations. More than 17,000 stranded people have been saved. National and provisional rescue teams have successfully saved 200 survivors, located positions of 85 victims and helped find remains of 5 people. The medical group of the rescue team has provided medical assistance to more than 720 people. Rescue operation is still ongoing.

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