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Chinese Embassy Refutes Accusations against China over the Case of Ai Weiwei

The following is a letter from Mr. He Rulong, Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in London to Times ' Letters' Editor, which was carried in the print and online editions of Times on 20 May under the title "Ai Weiwei in China".


We are concerned that recent Times articles have used the case of Ai Weiwei to discredit China.

Thirty years of reform and opening up have witnessed vigorous economic and social development in China. While developing the economy and raising the people's living standards, the Chinese Government is firmly committed to advancing democracy, rule of law and human rights. Respecting and protecting human rights has become an important principle of governance for both the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government.

China is actively and steadily pushing forward its political reform. For example, we have expanded citizens' participation in political affairs. We stress openness and transparency of the government.

We have toughened the supervision and constraints on the exercise of power. As a result, the Chinese people's civil rights are effectively protected by law.

Ai Weiwei was investigated for serious tax evasion and destroying accounting documents. Every citizen enjoys the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and laws. But at the same time no one is above the law. So-called artists are no exception.

Ai Weiwei's case is not about human rights or freedom of speech, but about whether or not rule of law should be upheld.

He Rulong

Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy

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