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Embassy Spokesperson's Letter to The Times on its report on China's combating COVID-19

The Times published an article entitled China's Challenge on May 4. The spokesperson of Chinese Embassy has written a letter to the editor to elaborate China's position. The full text is as follows:

The Times editorial entitled China's Challenge (May 4th) openly incites confrontation and poisons the atmosphere of international cooperation while disregarding China's sacrifice and contribution in the global endeavour to curb the spread of COVID-19. We at the Chinese Embassy in the UK are deeply concerned about and firmly opposed to the propositions of this article because they have no factual basis.

The fact is that China has acted responsibly and has been open and transparent all along. China is the first country to report the outbreak to the WHO and the first to share the pathogen and the full genetic sequence of the virus with the WHO and other countries including the United States and Britain. China's quick response has created conditions for quick and accurate diagnosis and response in the rest of the world. China is also the first to adopt comprehensive, strict and effective measures of social-distancing, the first to achieve preliminary but important success in containing the virus, the first to share experience of handling the crisis and provide support to more than 150 countries including the UK and international organizations, which has won the recognition of the world.

China's arduous efforts, sincerity and responsible actions are highly recognized by the international community. The Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros pointed out that China's measures have set a new benchmark for countries to fight the epidemic. It is unfair to blame or stigmatize China just because the first known cases of infection were reported there. Politicizing the public health issue by fabricating "China's challenge" is even more damaging as it poisons the atmosphere of cooperation just when joint efforts are needed most in containing the global spread of the deadly virus. In the on-going blame game, China is a victim rather than a source of disinformation, and calls on everyone to stand up against the creation and spread of disinformation by any individual or institution.

As for China's activity in the South China Sea, which was mentioned in the Times editorial, this is completely legal and within the sovereignty of China. What has raised the alarm is that some countries thousands of miles away have been sending warships to the South China Sea to make troubles, infringing upon China's sovereignty and undermining regional stability. It is such behavior that should be condemned.

The virus does not respect borders nor discriminate. It is the common enemy of all mankind. Only through solidarity and cooperation can the international community win the final victory against the virus. I hope The Times would take up its due social responsibilities, adopt an objective, fair and comprehensive view of China's anti-epidemic efforts and send out more positive messages that are conducive to promoting win-win cooperation.

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