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The Chinese Embassy refutes Guardian's report on July 25th

On July 25th, The Guardian carried an article entitled China Excluded its People form the Olympics,London is Different. The Embassy spokesman wrote a letter to the newspaper to refute its comment. On July 31st, The Guardian published the letter,which is as follows:

“Dear Editor, The Guardian carried an article on 25 July entitled China Excluded its People form the Olympics. London is Different. We deplore the totally unfounded comments in that article. That article is a gross distortion of facts.

People around the world still have strong memories of last summer Olympics in Beijing four years ago. It was more successful than many had expected. Beijing Olympics has left a profound legacy for China, both visible and invisible. Its huge contribution to international Olympic movements is globally recognized. The world gave Beijing a chance. In turn Beijing rewarded the world with a pleasant surprise. China’s careful preparations and high efficiency won applause from across the world, including the IOC.

The entire Chinese nation showed enormous enthusiasm and interest during the Games. They actively participated in preparing for and running the Games. The 1.3 billion Chinese hailed the Games. The 1.7 million volunteers busied themselves providing services. Their smiles were sincere. Their participation was spontaneous. Their hard work was selfless. They participated, helped and enjoyed.

The so-called ‘China excluding its people from the Olympics’ is a pack of nonsense. It is by no means the true feeling of the 1.3 billion Chinese people.

We wish the London Olympics a great success. At the same time, we must not allow certain people to exploit the London Olympics to serve their personal agenda of diminishing Beijing Olympics and slandering China.”

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