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Fu Ying Discussed with UK MPs on the 17th CPC Congress and Sino-UK Cooperation

In the afternoon of December 12, 2007, H.E. Mme. Ambassador Fu Ying came to the House of Commons of UK Parliament and attended the symposium held by the All-Party Parliamentary China Group.

Fu Ying first elaborated on the spirit and major information of the 17th CPC Congress and then introduced the visit by Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi to the UK. She denoted that China and UK are reaching more consensuses in international affairs and their common interests in economy, trade, finance and climate change are expanding. The report of the 17th CPC Congress put forward priority sectors for future development in which UK has many advantages. There are great potentials for bilateral cooperation. China and UK have unique experiences in good governance and they can learn from each others in this regard. Both sides shall grasp the opportunities and make active efforts to enrich and develop the comprehensive strategic partnership.

Fu Ying then took questions of MPs on the reform of China's political system, scientific outlook on development, harmonious society, opening up of market, Sovereign Wealth Fund, Confucius Institute, Sino-Australia relations, North Korean Nuclear Issues, Burma Issue and Sino-UK relations.

Fu Ying denoted that ruling of the CPC is the choice of history and will of the people. Great achievements have been made in China's democratic and legal construction. The CPC has a rather democratic intra-party decision-making process. The report of the 17th CPC Congress has solicited opinions of more than 5,000 party members in all walks of life and has been revised repeatedly. There is a smooth channel for democratic parties to participate in the deliberation and administration of state affairs and recently two non-CPC party members have been promoted to Ministers of the Chinese government. The grass-root democracy in China is being steadily improved and the scope of autonomy and grass-root election are being continuously expanded.

Fu Ying pointed out that the scientific outlook on development advocates overall, harmonious and sustainable development, including paying more attention to the quality of economic development and emphasizing social and humanitarian meanings of development.

Fu Ying said that China attaches great importance to unbalance trade and is vigorously expanding its import. The 17th CPC Congress put forward that the drives of economic growth should be shifted from mainly relying on investment and export to relying on coordination of consumption, investment and export. The reasons for unbalanced trade are diversified, export by many European and US enterprises based in China is one of the main factors. China noticed that trade protectionism was uprising in some western countries, which does not conform to the globalization trend and cut off one's nose to spite one's face. China is continuously opening up its market; it not only attracts a large amount of foreign investment, but also is steadily opening up its market to service industry, including financial services. Fu Ying also introduced recent visit by Lou Jiwei, Chairman of China Investment Corp., to the UK. She denoted that founding of the Sovereign Wealth Fund in China is mainly aimed at macro management of domestic economy. China Investment Corp. sticks to market rule and is a stablizing force in global financial system.

Fu Ying also said that addition to continuously promote its reform and opening up, China is also proactively participating in international affairs, and is playing its unique and constructive role in climate change, Darfur, North Korean Nuclear Issues, Iran Nuclear Issue and Burma Issue, and is projecting a responsible image of a big power. The basis for China to bring into play its international influence are respecting other countries and treat them equally , never using its strength to bully or imposing its will on others.

More than 30 MPs of the House of Commons and House of Lords, including Ben Chapman MP, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary China Group and Clement Jones, Vice Chairmen MP and Ian Stewart, Geoffrey Howe MP, former Foreign Secretary, attended the symposium. The MPs sang highly of the introductions and Q&A by Fu Ying and thought that this face-to-face symposium was timely and helpful and further increased their understanding about China.
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