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Ambassador Fu Ying Speaks about Achievements ofPremier Wen Jiabao's Visit to UK Chinese Media

On 6 February Ambassador Fu Ying was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China News Agency, Phoenix TV and Sing Tao Daily on achievements of Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to UK.

Fu Ying said that Premier Wen Jiabao visited UK from 31 January to 2 February. The British Government and people commented positively on the visit. They thought it was a "fantastic visit". Amid the current financial crisis, the confidence visit by Premier Wen at the onset of the Chinese New Year to Europe corresponded to the current situation and the world expectation. During his visit Premier Wen mentioned confidence on many occasions. He stressed our confidence towards sound and relatively fast economic growth, and towards reform and opening up and the road of peaceful development. He stressed our confidence towards China-UK and China-EU working towards a comprehensive and strategic partnership and China working with the international community in coping with the crisis and overcoming difficulty.

Premier Wen reached much consensus with the British leader on how to develop China-UK relations. The two sides signed 7 agreements and contracts, covering hi-tech, manufacturing, new energy and material, trade and investment, IPR and cultural exchange. They showed the depth and width and great potentials of bilateral cooperation. The two sides agreed to expand bilateral trade. They also exchanged views on reform of the world financial system and preparation of the London Summit. A joint declaration on working together to approach the world financial crisis was issued.

The visit went on well, with many activities and highlights. There were 20 activities during the 56 hours of his stay in UK. People were impressive of the Premier's hard work and devotion. As it was China's New Year the Premier also went to Chinatown to send his best wishes to the overseas Chinese living in London, made dumplings at the Chinese embassy, visited Chinese enterprises, all of which brought warmth of the motherland.

Fu Ying said that Premier Wen's interview with the Financial Times        and speech at Cambridge were most influential. Premier Wen talked about China's economic situation, policy measures, domestic and foreign polices with candor and emotion. There were both ample statistics and moving personal stories. It enhanced the world's understanding of China's attitude and policy towards the crisis and showed the world the knowledge, wisdom and broad mind of the Chinese leader. It was particularly moving to see the Premier went to Cambridge despite heavy snow.

Fu Ying said that the visit was successful but there were still difference and problems between China and UK. There was still lack of understanding, and even misunderstanding about China. Divergence in understanding often brought about negative and passive things. The disturbance of Premier Wen's speech illustrated it. But change took a long time and hard work. It was gratifying to know that both students and teachers at Cambridge and British and Chinese people were strongly dissatisfied with such disturbance. Act of some individual would not affect cooperation between China and Cambridge and friendly relations between China and UK. The e-library presented by the Premier was aimed at giving people at Cambridge, and the British people and society at large, more and accurate materials about China to study, understand and introduce a true, open China that was constantly developing. It was fair to say that Premier Wen's confidence visit would bring people of the two countries closer.

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