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The Embassy Hosts Reception Marking the 65th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Victory against Japanese Aggression

On September 2nd, the Chinese Embassy in the UK hosted a reception marking the 65th anniversary of the Chinese people's victory against Japanese aggression. Over 150 people, including representatives of the British veterans of the Second World War, the British government, people from all circles and overseas Chinese and students, as well as diplomatic envoys to the UK from the United States, France, Canada, etc., attended the reception.

(Ambassador Liu makes remarks)

Ambassador Liu made remarks at the reception. He said that the gathering was to mark the 65th anniversary of the Chinese people's victory against Japanese aggression and the victory of the world anti-Fascist war. Both the Chinese and the world anti-Fascist wars of the 1930's and 1940's were life and death struggles against ruthless states that were enemies of humanity. The Sino-Japanese war was the first to break out and lasted the longest. China played a key role in defeating the Japanese aggressors by fighting two-thirds of their army forces and by providing strategic support to our allies and assisted their operations in the European and Pacific theatres.

The Ambassador Stressed that China's victory over Japanese aggression not only laid an important foundation for the achievement of national independence and liberation by the Chinese people and the founding of the People's Republic, but also contributed to the world's just struggle against Fascism. It also exerted a far-reaching impact on promoting world peace.

Liu said that Britain was a staunch ally of China. The historic Cairo Declaration was issued in 1943 by China, the United States and Britain. There were a lot of touching stories about men and women from both China and Britain, who jointly fought the Japanese fascist forces and forged a profound friendship. Today we are glad to have here with us Second World War veterans, descendents of the Hong Kong Escape Party, and representatives from the former school of George Hogg.

The Ambassador said that to look back into history is to better grasp our present and to shape our future. We live in a world that is far from being peaceful in many places. It still has a lot of challenging issues to deal with, from terrorism, climate change to communicable diseases. But our world is moving forward. We live at a time when people all around the world are united by an aspiration towards peace and development. Cooperation for mutual benefit has become the favoured choice of the international community. In this new era, China and the UK should further strengthen our partnership and work with other peace-loving countries in the pursuit of a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious world.

(Smith, a representative of WW II veterans, delivers a speech)

Smith, a representative of British veterans of the Second World War, recalled in his speech his experience in the War and vividly described the memorable time when he fought against the German aggressors as a pilot of a heavy bomber. He thanked the embassy for holding such an event, which provided a place for the gathering of the British WW II veterans and for renewing the memories of the time when they were fighting shoulder to shoulder.

The reception’s inscriptions in Chinese and English read, “in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Chinese People's Victory against Japanese Aggression”, and over 20 representative old pictures taken during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression were also on display. Having reviewed the pictures on display, many of the guests expressed that, it was of crucial importance for the Chinese Embassy in UK to hold such a commemorative event on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the victory against Japanese Aggression, and Ambassador Liu’s remarks helped everyone to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese people’s victory over Japanese aggression. The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression was the Chinese nation’s first ever complete victory against foreign aggression, and has an important position in the history of China and the world at large. In retrospect of this historical section, people shall cherish today’s peaceful era even more and further deepen the mutual understanding and friendship between the younger generations of the two countries.


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