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Chinese Embassy in the UK Holds the Reception Marking the 90th Anniversary of the People's Liberation Army


Ambassador Liu delivering a speech

On the evening of July 27, H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming and Madame Hu Pinghua, Major General Su Guanghui, Defense Attaché of the Embassy and his wife held a reception at the Embassy to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the People's Liberation Army. Lieutenant General Richard Felton, Director-General of the Defence Safety Authority, Major General Giles Hill, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Vice Marshal Warren James with nearly 300 people including officials of UK's Ministry of Defence, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other government sectors, British friends from all walks of life, military attachés from various countries to the UK, and representatives of Chinese institutions, overseas Chinese and students attended the event.

Ambassador Liu delivered a speech at the reception. He reviewed the long, arduous and heroic struggle made by the PLA under the leadership of the Communist Party of China in the last ninety years, and its continuous growth from strength to strength. He stressed that, looking ahead, to build a defense force that matches its international standing and meets the need of protecting its security and development interests, China will further advance the reform of its defense system and military force, so as to provide a strong safeguard for the realization of the Chinese dream of national renewal and the "two centenary goals".

Ambassador Liu pointed out that under the new situation, China stays committed to the independent foreign policy of peace, the defense policy which remains defensive in nature, and a new security concept that focuses on common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. China will make great efforts to advance international cooperation on military and security and will play an active and leading role in international peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. China remains committed as ever to world peace and common development. And its military force, the PLA, remains a steadfast force in safeguarding world peace and stability.

Ambassador Liu noted that in building stronger bilateral ties, China and the UK are facing new opportunities. China-UK military relationship being a key part of the China-UK "Golden Era" has entered the fast track characterised by frequent military-to-military exchanges, expanded areas of exchanges and cooperation, and effective and fruitful outcomes, etc. In the coming autumn, a Chinese naval fleet carrying out escort missions in the Gulf of Aden will pay a friendly call at Portsmouth. He believes that the visit will further increase mutual understanding and friendship between the armed forces of the two countries and strengthen military-to-military ties.

Ambassador Liu emphasised that in the current world, security threats and challenges are growing and uncertainty and instability increasing. To ensure lasting peace and overall security, the international community, including China and Britain, must work together. Likewise, to make the China-UK "Golden Era" strong and enduring, all sectors, political, military, business, both in China and Britain must work together. With joint efforts, China and Britain will make greater progress in the relations between the two countries and between the two armed forces, and make more and greater contribution to world peace and prosperity.


Defense Attaché Su delivering a speech

In his speech, Defense Attaché Su briefed the guests on the achievements made by China's armed forces. He said that in recent years, following the instructions of President Xi Jinping, the PLA spares no effort in building a modern system of military forces with Chinese characteristics, deepening the reform of national defense and military forces, and improving the military capabilities of integrated joint operation. As a result, the system, organizational structure, management pattern and morale of the PLA all take a new look. At the same time, the PLA actively participates in international cooperation of mutual benefit and provides more and more international public security products by taking part in UN peacekeeping operations, counter-terrorism exercises, anti-piracy escort missions and etc. History and reality show that the advancement of PLA not only provides strong guarantee for the realization of the China dream and building a strong military, it will also give powerful support to safeguarding world peace and stability. At present, the military tie between China and UK has been constantly improved, friendly exchanges at the top military leadership maintain a good momentum, and cooperation in various fields is gradually deepened. With the China-UK relations entering the "Golden Era", the military-to military relations between the two countries will also be further deepened.


Ambassador Liu, Defense Attaché Su and Lieutenant General Felton (the middle) cutting the cake to celebrate the Army Day

During the reception, Ambassador Liu and Defense Attaché Su had friendly conversations with the guests, exchanging views on China-UK friendship and the future of bilateral cooperation. They expressed the hope to work together to further enhance mutual trust between the two armed forces and expand practical cooperation. At the reception, a video entitled The Chinese People's Liberation Army of 2017 was screened, a photo exhibition to demonstrate the history and achievements of the PLA was displayed, and books about China's armed forces and national conditions were offered to the guests. In the warm and congenial atmosphere, hailing China's achievements in national defense and modern armed forces, the guests congratulated China on the 90th anniversary of the PLA. They also applauded China's independent foreign policy of peace and national defense policy, and China's active role in safeguarding international and regional peace and stability. They expressed their best wishes for greater progress in the relations between the two countries and between the armed forces.


Ambassador Liu taking a photo with the overseas Chinese students of military science

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