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Message of Congratulations from AMB LIU Xiaoming to the Presentation Ceremony of Breaking Through

I warmly congratulate this Seminar on Opening Up and Globalization and the Presentation Ceremony of the book Breaking Through: The Birth of China’s Opening Up Policy.

For more than three decades China has followed the ‘reform and opening-up’ policies. As a result China has made remarkable achievements on economic and social fronts. This book Breaking Through is devoted to describing from a top level inside perspective 30 years of China’s ‘reform and opening-up’. It has the great authority from being written by the former senior Chinese leader, Mr. LI Lanqing.

Mr. LI Lanqing was a witness, participant, and practitioner of China’s ‘reform and opening-up.’ He was also one of the helmsmen and decision makers of this extraordinary process that has utterly transformed China.

In his book ‘Breaking Through’ Mr. LI reviews the early days of China’s opening-up based on his personal experience. Those critical moments and milestone events will relive this extraordinary endeavour.

‘Breaking Through’ is not a book of dry historical facts and baffling theories. It is full of stories and illustrated by imprints of seals carved by Mr. LI Lanqing. Reading this book will not only bring enjoyment but also knowledge about China.

The English translation has been published through collaboration of China’s Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press and the Oxford University Press. I think you will find this is an excellent translation that is very friendly to Western readers. It is presented in elegant English while retaining its original Chinese flavour.

I believe this book is a ‘must read’ for Western scholars, business leaders and politicians to know more about China’s ‘reform and opening-up.’ It is an important book for those with a serious interest in China today.

I wish the seminar and the ceremony a great success!

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