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Education Section of Chinese Embassy in the UK Held the Award Ceremony of "National Excellent Self-funded Students Scholarship"

The award ceremony of "National Excellent Self-funded Students Scholarship" 2006 was hosted in Education Section of Chinese Embassy in the UK in the afternoon of 18 May. Wang Yongda, Minister Counselor of the Education Section chaired the ceremony and Ambassador Fu Ying delivered a speech in the ceremony and gave out the award certificates.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying congratulated the winning students and hoped that they feel grateful as well as delightful. She says, although China had been developing, lots of students in the western poverty-stricken area still could not afford the tuition of dozens of RMB a year. The Party and government care for the western China and education and allocate a large number of funds from the national finance each year to subsidize the west; despite the financial strains, China still appropriates a large quantity of fund to reward the self-funded students each year, which reflected not only the improved national economic strength, but the stress and expectation attached to the students studying abroad. It is to be hoped that the students will study diligently to live up to the care of the motherland and repay her with real actions in the future. H.E. Mme. Fu Ying talked about her experiences and feelings when she studied in the University of Kent 20 years ago and encouraged the students to cherish the present golden opportunity and favourable conditions as well as meet the challenges and difficulties optimistically. Finally, she urged the students to think about the motherland wherever they are.

On behalf of the winning students, doctor Wen Rui from the University of Oxford says he is honoured to receive the National Excellent Self-funded Students Scholarship and is thankful for solicitude showed by the motherland and the Embassy to them. He notes that with the economic development of China, more and more students choose to study abroad, now Chinese students abroad account for 14% of the total in the world, which reflects the economic development and enhanced strength of China indirectly. Since studying abroad helps broadening the horizon and improving capability, the students should seize the opportunity to enrich themselves so as to serve their country in the future and contribute to its development.

H.E. Mme. Fu Ying presented the award certificates to the students one by one and took a group photo to mark the occasion.

"National Excellent Self-funded Students Scholarship" was established in 2003 by China Scholarship Council with the approval of the Ministry of Education. This award is given once a year for the purpose of encouraging the self-funded students studying abroad to be academically accomplished and return home to work or serve the country in other forms. In the past three years, a total of 500 excellent students around the world received the award. 28 outstanding students among over 100 applicants in the UK won the "National Excellent Self-funded Students Scholarship" in 2006.

The Education Section organized a discussion of the winning students prior to the award ceremony. Minister counsellor Wang Yongda and relevant staff from the Education Section were present at the discussion to solicit the students' comments on the students' management and service as well as further improving the method of assessing the self-funded students scholarship.