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Ambassador Fu Ying Attends Shenzhen Fashion Evening in London

In the evening of April 23rd, Fu Ying attended Shenzhen Fashion Evening in London hosted by Shenzhen Municipal Government. More than 100 people, including Zhuo Qinrui, the Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen; the delegation led by Shen Yongfang, the Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Garment Association; Ms Woodward, the culture advisor of Greater London Authority; Harold Tillman, the chairman of British Fashion Council; Ms Smith, the chancellor of St Martins College; Mr. Yang Tengbo, the CEO of Newland the organizer; and representatives from the Embassy attended the evening. Before that, people from fashion industries of the two cities had business discussions, and the Shenzhen delegation exhibited their products.

Zhuo Qinrui, the Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen introduced the city's development process from a small fishing village to a metropolitan city in his speech, and emphasized the importance of fashion business in Shenzhen's industrial structure. He pointed out that, the fashion businesses of the two cities are highly complementary. The manufacturing advantage of Shenzhen can be well integrated with London's creativeness, developing mutual benefits.

Ms Woodward, the culture advisor of Greater London Authority said that, the fashion industry of London is almost saturated, and reaching its limitation in branding and marketing. The fashion industry of Shenzhen is fast developing these years. Therefore the two parties can use each other's comparative advantages.

Shen Yongfang, the Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Garment Association introduced the developing situation of Shenzhen's clothing industry. She said, after a fast growth of 20 years, there have been more than 3,400 clothing enterprises in Shenzhen. About 400,000 staff are working in the industry, and more than 800 fashion brands have been developed. The total revenue in 2007 was 11.1 billion Euros, almost 6 billion from exporting, which has made Shenzhen a highly centralized place and important city for clothing industry. Every July, Shenzhen holds The China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair. There are 3,000 standard exhibition booths and 100,000 visits each time. Ms. Shens sincerely invited London's clothing enterprises to participate in the Fair and encourage them to seek opportunities of cooperation.

During the promotion evening, the fashion show of two designers from Shenzhen led to its climax. People from London fashion business told Fu Ying how impressed they were and that they believe there is a bright future of the cooperation between the two cities.