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Beijing Olympic Games Photo Exhibition Opens at London City Hall

A photographic exhibition featuring Beijing Olympic Games, sponsored by Chinese embassy in UK, was opened on 2 August at the City Hall, London. Counselor Liu Weimin, former Bath Mayor and founder of Britain Olympic Arts Project (OAP) Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst, Olympic artist Kevin Whitney joined 20 schoolchildren and their parents and teachers at the brief yet warm opening ceremony.

Counselor Liu, in his address, said that the forthcoming Beijing Olympic Games is not only the dream of all Chinese but also something the world has been expecting. The Chinese people are happy to share the joy of the Olympic Games with the British people, including citizens of London and Bath. The Games in Beijing, said Mr. Liu, would no doubt serve as a bridge that enhances mutual understanding between China and UK, and British public will understand, via the exhibition, the Beijing Olympic Games, appreciate beautiful landscape and splendid culture, and share the warmth and joy of the people in China.

Mr. Morgan-Brinkhurst said he was happy to bring students of Bath to the opening of the exhibition. The children who came here today are all fond of art. After watching the exhibition, they will draw, from their own perspectives and in colours of their choice, the Beijing Olympics as they see it. He said that the Olympics had become a bond of friendship between Britain and China and he will work, via OAP, to nurture the links of understanding and renew friendship between people of the two countries.

Artist Kevin Whitney told guests of his plan to go to China. He said he would try to get a personal touch of China and Beijing Olympics and create art works featuring the Games. He was very much expecting the Games and confident that it would be impressive and he would be happy to share the joy of his trip to Beijing with everyone.

Winding up the opening ceremony, the students of Bath, excited with the caps carrying mascot of Beijing Olympics, cheered aloud “Good luck, Beijing!” The children, in way as cheering team did, wished China well and Beijing Olympics a success.

Counsellor Liu and Second Secretary Zhao Shangsen had an interactive exchange with the students and their teachers after the ceremony and briefed them preparations for the Games and development in China. Guided by the teachers, the students watched the exhibition and did sketches of photographs they found interesting. At the closure of the City Hall, the children were still reluctant to leave and said, having had such a wonderful day, they would go back to Bath and finish their drawings. Mr. Morgan-Brinkhurst said the event was very meaningful and he was thinking about holding an exhibition in Bath of all the artworks of the children and of Mr. Whitney created in China.

Beijing Olympics Photographic Exhibition runs 2 through 29 August on the first floor of the City Hall, London. OAP, starting from 2006, is a project designed to help more children, through events at school and in community, understand Olympic movement, enhance communication through art and promote friendship among people around the world.

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