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Defense Attaché at the Chinese Embassy Holds Reception to Mark the 81st Anniversary of the Founding of PLA

Defense Attaché Major General Zhang Jianguo hosted at the Chinese Embassy a reception on 29 July 2008 to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army and a picture exhibition of earthquake and disaster relief efforts. Over 200 people were present including Ambassador Fu Ying, embassy officials, overseas Chinese in UK, representatives of Chinese organizations, friends members of the British military, police and political circles, Military Attachés of other countries in UK, and diplomats.

Maj. Gen. Zhang indicated in his speech that over the past 81 years since its founding, the PLA have always adhered to the fundamental principle of from the people and serve the people whole heartedly. During the war times, hundreds of thousands of PLA soldiers have sacrificed their lives for the pursuit of independence and freedom. During peaceful times, the PLA have not only done its duty of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, but also made important contributions for promoting regional stability and world peace. In times of major natural disasters, the PLA have always served as the pioneers and the backbone forces in disaster relief efforts. In particular after the major earthquake in Wenchuan Sichuan province on 12th May this year, in disregard of after shocks, land slides and mud-rock flows, PLA soldiers, risking their lives and overcoming various difficulties, managed to be the first to enter the quake zones to rescue and evacuate the endangered people, and thus serving as the backbone strength in disaster relief efforts.

Zhang Jianguo expressed heartfelt thanks to the British government, friends from all circles, overseas Chinese and in particular military circles of all countries for their help and support rendered to China’s earthquake relief efforts and their sympathy and solicitude. He also wished the forthcoming Beijing Olympics a complete success.

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