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Ambassador Fu Ying Attends National Day Celebration Held by Chinese Community in Britain

On 21 September, 2008 there were lion dancing groups performing with drums and bells at Chinatown in London. Over 200 people from the Chinese community in Britain gathered at New World Restaurant to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Well-known Chinese media including Sing Tao Daily, Phoenix CNE and China News Agency were all present to cover the event.

The celebration started in the national anthems of both China and UK. Mr. Wu Shanxiong, one of the organizers of the event and Chairman of UK Association for Promotion of Chinese Teaching, spoke first. He said that when he heard the national anthem he seemed to see another gold medal won by the Chinese athlete. The Olympic flame is still burning in the hearts of overseas Chinese. The success of the Olympic Games is the result of solidarity and hard work of the Chinese nation. It symbolized the rejuvenation of China. Overseas Chinese were extremely happy about it. But it also made them think. In the past 59 years, China has gone through much difficulty and trouble and the road ahead would not be much easier. So we must be modest and continue to support the country to achieve more progress. He ended by wishing success to the Chinese nation and the launch of Shenzhou-7.

Ambassador Fu Ying wished overseas Chinese well and a happy holiday on behalf of the motherland and the Chinese Embassy in UK.

Fu Ying said that this year marked the 30th anniversary of reform and opening-up. During the past 30 years great and incredible changes has taken place in China. Many overseas Chinese experienced or witnessed all these. This year China has realized its centennial dream by successfully holding the Olympic Games. It has made great efforts in ensuring the success. This year is extremely turbulent beginning with the snow storm in South China, Riot in Lhasa, then the torch relay in London which saw scrambling by protestors. Thanks to the British mass public and overseas Chinese including students and Chinese-invested enterprises we finished the originally planned 40 kilometers in 8 hours by cooperating closely with the Greater London Authority. I did the relay at Chinatown and remember that it was clear and sunny with people cheering. Because of this unity and perseverance, we could hold the Olympic Games successfully. Then we experienced the earthquakes. It was you again who rendered your gracious support. Your donation was record high, showing your love for the motherland.

The opening of the Beijing Olympic Games was held successfully on 8 August. The Olympic was a demonstration of strength and a window to show China. Two more people deserved gold medals. One is the volunteers, from who we saw true love; the other one is the audience, who cheered for the athletes from all countries and even louder for those who were lagging behind. They showed the passion that Chinese people had towards sports and their welcome to the world. It was in this year that the Chinese people became more confident, peaceful and tolerant. Though the Olympic could not solve all problems, the old mentality did change after the Games. Fu Ying expressed her hope that overseas Chinese would use take advantage of such an opportunity to introduce China to the outside world.

Fu Ying went on to introduce China’s economy and various policy measures. When introducing China-UK relations, she said that it was going on well and faced new opportunity of development. Overseas Chinese would also have chances to grow their business. She hoped that they would participate more and support the development of bilateral relations.

In conclusion, Fu Ying hoped that overseas Chinese would continue to support the Embassy and said that the Embassy would, as always, provide assistance and help to them. It will continue to pay attention to questions like employment difficulty of Chinese restaurants and survival and development of overseas Chinese and promote solution within its capacity.

Four volunteers from the Beijing Olympic Games were also present to talk about their feelings. The event ended in the song of Ode to Motherland.

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