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Ambassador Fu Ying Visits The Independent

Ambassador Fu Ying visited The Independent on 29 October and had a discussion with nearly 10 senior personnel of editing department including Roger Alton, the editor-in-chief.

On the world financial crisis that the editors were concerned with, Fu Ying said that the crisis had negative impact on China as well. Many SMEs saw their orders diminishing. But there was only limited and controllable direct impact. As for China, its biggest contribution to the world was to sort out its own house. The Chinese Government was taking flexible and prudent measures to promote economy and stimulate domestic demand.

The Third Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee was held not long ago during which the important decision and plan were made to promote rural reform and development and accelerate the forming of new structure integrating economic and social development in the urban and rural areas. This would have a profound impact on agriculture and rural development. The Government had also taken a series measures to increase investment, support SMEs and capital market. These measures were good for China and would help to reduce the impact of recession of western countries on the world economy. China would also strengthen its coordination and cooperation with the world to cope with the financial crisis.

Fu Ying said that the biased reports of western media had adversely affected their image since March of this year and aroused strong dissatisfaction among Chinese people both inside and outside China. The Beijing Olympic Games gave many western journalists the chance to come to China firstly to feel its vigor, enthusiasms and positive attitude. Their objective reports during the Olympic Games brought China and western people closer. This was a good beginning. Objective and balanced reporting from the western media would enhance mutual trust.

China would not stop its reform and opening up. The Regulations Concerning Coverage of Permanent Offices of Foreign Media Organizations and Foreign Journalists in China,issued after the Olympic Games to continue the principle of openness and transparency implemented in the Olympic Games is a vivid example.

Fu Ying also answered questions of the editors on China-US relations after the US election, China-African relations, China's peasants and change of mode for economic growth, and the interaction was lively.

Alton thanked Fu Ying for the candid exchange with the editors, which would help their understanding of China's position. The editors also commented positively the new Regulations issued after the Olympic Games and expressed their willingness to strengthen contact and exchange with the Chinese side.

Established in 1986 and with a daily issuance of 250,000, The Independent was the youngest quality newspaper in Britain.

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