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Fu Ying Attending the Cocktail Party to Celebrate Pianist Langlang's UK Tour

On 22 April, Ambassador Fu Ying was invited to attend and address the cocktail party hosted by the London Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the famous young pianist Langlang's tour to UK at the St. Lukes Concert hall. The event gathered around 100 from a wide circle in London.

In her remarks, Ambassador Fu Ying said that the London Symphony Orchestra has had years of good cooperation and exchange with its Chinese counterparts. During its visit to China on its 100 anniversary in 2004, it gave an outstanding performance at Beijing Poly Theatre. We look forward to seeing similar success of its joint performance with Langlang.

Fu said that born in the 1980s, Langlang represents the young generation in China. Their parents went through the Cultural Revolution and have high expectations on their children. They would save all their money to buy piano or violin for their children and do all they can to provide the best possible learning and growing environment. Apart from the persistence of his parents and his own music talent, Langlang's success is also attributable to the fast-changing era that he grows up in. Reform has given the Chinese greater access to know the outside world. This is an era that prepares more chances for the young people to develop their own interests and talents.

Fu said Langlang's success shows from another perspective what China has achieved through its decades of fast growth. However, China is still in the process of reform and development and has many difficulties and challenges ahead. It still has a long way ahead before all the children in China can live care-free lives and are able to see their dreams come true.

She pointed out that facing challenges, China needs the understanding of the world, and the world needs to know more about China. Both Langlang and the London Symphony are cultural ambassadors. In their work together, they were promoting exchanges and increasing understanding between different countries and nations. Their joint performance at the "Beyond the Great Wall" music festival will help build the bridge across the two cultures and two peoples for better exchanges and understanding. She wished Langlang a huge success in his UK performance and at the China Modern Music Festival.

After the party, attendants enjoyed Langlang's piano play. Beautiful sound was flying as if permanently across the ancient St. Lukes Concert Hall.


At the invitation of the London Symphony Orchestra, the famous Chinese young pianist Langlang gave a one-week performance at the London Symphony Orchestra from 20 to 26 April. During the period, he gave three formal performances at the "Beyond the Wall" Chinese Modern Music Festival held at the Barbican Art Centre. On the 23rd, Langlang and "Silk and String Quartet", a local folk music troupe, gave joint performances of traditional Chinese tunes such as "The Moon Reflected on the Erquan Spring", "Colourful Clouds Pursuing the Moon", "A Night Mooring By Maple Bridge" and "Moonlight on the Spring River". The show was a sounding success and warmly received by the audience. Together with the London Symphony Orchestra and 100 local kids, Langlang gave a warm-hearted performance.

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