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H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Meets with Premiers of British Virgin Islands, British Cayman Islands and British Bermuda
Ambassador Liu with Premiers of the three British Overseas Territories (from left: Premier McLaughlin, Ambassador Liu, Premier Dunkley and Premier Smith)

   On 6 February, H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming met with Premier of British Virgin Islands Hon. Daniel Orlando Smith OBE, Premier of British Cayman Islands Hon. Alden McLaughlin and Premier of British Bermuda Hon. Michael Henry Dunkley at the Embassy.

   Ambassador Liu welcomed the three Premiers and recalled his visits to the British Overseas Territories last month. He also expressed his thanks to the three governments for their warm and friendly reception. Ambassador Liu said that China has conducted active exchanges and cooperation in various areas with British Virgin Islands, British Cayman Islands and British Bermuda. The exchanges of visits opened up opportunities for China and the British Overseas Territories to continue to strengthen cooperation in financial services, investment, education, tourism and other fields. Ambassador Liu shared with his guests the key points of the speech delivered by President Xi in Davos and briefed them on the sound momentum of China-UK relations. He stressed that under the current international situation, all parties should adhere to the correct direction of economic globalization and reject trade protectionism.

   Premier Smith, Premier McLaughlin and Premier Dunkley applauded Ambassador Liu's historic visits to the three territories, and said that British Virgin Islands, British Cayman Islands and British Bermuda are eager to develop relations with China and welcome more Chinese investment and tourists. They hoped to further enhance cooperation and exchanges with China in financial services, infrastructure, medical care, energy, insurance, shipping and other areas, and they expressed their readiness to further facilitate people-to-people exchanges so as to promote new development in bilateral relations. The three Premiers also stressed that the international situation presented both challenges and opportunities, and that opposing protectionism and promoting inclusive cooperation serve the common interests of the international community.


Minister Zhu Qin chairing the discussion

   After the meeting, Minister Zhu Qin and the three Premiers co-chaired a discussion between the three territories and Chinese enterprises in the UK, including BOC, CCB, PICC, China Re, China Unicom, CATIC, Fosun Group and Huawei. The Premiers talked about the economic development and industrial advantages of the respective territories and extended their warm welcome to Chinese enterprises to visit and expand their business in the three territories. Representatives of Chinese enterprises offered their advices on expanding cooperation with British Overseas Territories based on their respective businesses, and said that they would further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in financial services, insurance, communication and other areas with the three territories.


Ambassador Liu with delegations of the three British Overseas Territories

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