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H. E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Attends the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Roundtable

   On 4 April 2017, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming was invited to attend the UK Business Roundtable on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor held by the Department for International Trade and delivered a speech entitled Belt and Road Is an Opportunity for Win-win Cooperation. Hosted by Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Greg Hands, the Roundtable was also attended by Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Thomas Drew, UK High Commissioner to Pakistan, and representatives of China-Britain Business Council, HSBC, Standard Chartered, KPMG, PwC and other organizations of the British business community.

   In his speech, Ambassador Liu commended Britain for its interest in and support for the Belt and Road Initiative including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, gave an in-depth introduction to the profound connotation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the high significance of China's hosting the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, and highlighted the positive results and prospects for the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.


   Ambassador Liu stated that the Belt and Road Initiative is open, inclusive, and practical and aimed to achieve win-win results. Known as the "opening theme" of the "Belt and Road symphony", the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an excellent example of how the Belt and Road principles have been put into reality. It is where decisions are made together, actions taken jointly and benefits shared among partners. The building of the Economic Corridor is based on the sound bilateral relations. It goes along with the aspiration of the Chinese and Pakistani people for closer connectivity and common development. China and Pakistan have given priority to the areas of energy and infrastructure through their cooperation helping to create driving forces for the economic and social development in Pakistan. By making full use of the advantages of Pakistan's geographic position, demographic dividend and economic potential, the Economic Corridor is expected to play an active role in promoting regional connectivity and cooperation, and further contributing to regional peace, stability and prosperity.

   Ambassador Liu stressed that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor includes substantial cooperation and has huge untapped potential. As with all aspects of the initiative, this project is also open, inclusive and win-win. China is ready in consensus with Pakistan to actively explore cooperation with the British side to carry out specific projects. He hopes that Britain may, while taking part in the process of building the Economic Corridor, engage in closer communication, leverage British strengths and adopt a far-sighted vision. It is his belief that the tripartite cooperation between China, Pakistan and Britain will open up more opportunities and deliver more benefits for the Economic Corridor.


Minister of State Greg Hands delivering a speech


   Minister of State, Greg Hands said that Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Britain in 2015. The leaders of both countries agreed to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, including the tripartite cooperation over the Belt and Road Initiative. As an important component of the Belt and Road Initiative, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has made abundant achievements and shows huge development opportunities. British enterprises have unique advantages in such professional fields as finance, law, engineering construction and consultation. The UK government is willing to build closer links for British enterprises to participate in the construction of the Economic Corridor and to further strengthen UK-China and UK-Pakistan economic and trade relations. Britain has a clear ambition to become an important partner of China and Pakistan in the building of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas delivering a speech


   High Commissioner Sayed Ibne Abbas said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative which has a crucial positive impact on Pakistan and the entire South Asian region. The construction of the Economic Corridor not only contributes to the domestic economic development of Pakistan and the interconnection of the South Asia region, but also creates enormous business opportunities. Pakistan enjoys advantageous geographic location, huge demographic dividends, good economic prospects and sound investment policies. British enterprises are welcomed to invest and start businesses in Pakistan, and Pakistan is willing to actively discuss with Britain on the possibility of its participation in the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor so as to promote peace, prosperity and development in Pakistan and the region.

   Later, the participants had enthusiastic discussions and in-depth exchanges on the successful experience in participating in the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the cooperation prospect. They said that Ambassador Liu's speech was rich in content, insightful and targeted, highlighting China's open and inclusive attitude towards the construction of the Economic Corridor. British enterprises are willing to continue to maintain close contacts with relevant departments, grasp the opportunities, give full play to their strong points, and actively support and participate in the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for win-win cooperation.


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