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Wang Yi Holds Talks with U Kyaw Tint Swe, Minister for the Office of the State Counsellor of Myanmar

On August 27, 2019, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with U Kyaw Tint Swe, Minister for the Office of the State Counsellor of Myanmar, in Beijing.

Wang Yi stated, China and Myanmar, linked by mountains and rivers, enjoy the "Paukphaw" friendship. The Chinese side will continue to support Myanmar in safeguarding national dignity and legitimate rights and interests in the international arena, and to speak up for the legitimate position of the Myanmar side. The Chinese side is ready to carry forward traditional friendship with the Myanmar side and strengthen friendly cooperation so as to jointly promote the sound development of bilateral relations.

Wang Yi stressed, the Chinese side firmly supports Myanmar in advancing the domestic peace process, and expects that the ceasefire situation in northern Myanmar can be sustained through consultation of all parties and that peace and stability of China-Myanmar border areas can be earnestly maintained.

Wang Yi expressed, the Chinese side follows closely the situation in the Rakhine State. As a mutual friend of Myanmar and Bangladesh, the Chinese side is actively communicating and mediating for the resolution of this issue. China supports a proper settlement through bilateral channels between Myanmar and Bangladesh, and opposes the multilateralization and politicization of this issue. The Chinese side praises the Myanmar side's positive stance and practical measures on repatriation of the displaced people. Currently, the repatriation work has continuously made progress, and the consensus between Myanmar and Bangladesh continues to grow. It is hoped that Myanmar and Bangladesh will continue to strengthen the efforts and accomplish the repatriation of the first batch of displaced people as soon as possible. The Chinese side will continue to play a constructive role in this regard as always.

U Kyaw Tint Swe said, the Myanmar side attaches great importance to its relations with China. Myanmar is ready to deepen Myanmar-China Paukphaw friendship with the Chinese side, promote the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, strengthen cooperation in various fields, and make efforts in the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the China-Myanmar diplomatic relationship next year. Myanmar will spare no effort to promote the domestic peace and national reconciliation process, restore stability of the situation as soon as possible, and guarantee peace in the border area between Myanmar and China. The Myanmar side appreciates the Chinese side's support in the international arena, and speaks highly of its huge support for the repatriation of the displaced people from the Rakhine State. The Myanmar side will be continuously committed to solving the Rakhine State issue properly through bilateral channels and friendly cooperation.

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