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Wang Qishan and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Attend China-Turkey Business Forum

On April 10, 2012, Vice Premier Wang Qishan and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan jointly attended the China-Turkey business forum in Beijing and addressed the event respectively.

Wang said that China and Turkey have conducted fruitful cooperation on trade, investment, finance, tourism and infrastructure and advanced cooperation at local and business levels rapidly since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties 41 years ago. The bilateral trade volume has increased by 18 folds over the past 10 years. China has become Turkey's third largest trade partner. The bilateral strategic partnership enjoys a sound momentum and is full of energy.

He noted that China and Turkey both are members of the G20 and emerging economies. The two countries have complementary economic advantages and enjoy a promising future of cooperation. Turkey is working towards the ambitious goal of becoming one of the top 10 economies in the world by 2023. China is implementing the 12th Five-Year plan to accelerate the transformation of economic growth mode and readjust its economic structure, which will create vent for the huge market potential. He hopes the two sides take a long-term perspective and continue to step up cooperation in the traditional fields of transport, energy and communications, make railway construction the priority area of bilateral infrastructure construction, expand collaboration on nuclear energy, aerospace, energy efficiency and other emerging sectors, make innovations of cooperation model and cultivate new growth points of cooperation. The two sides are expected to accelerate the formulation of the middle and long-term business cooperation plan, improve the cooperation mechanisms such as the economic and trade joint commission and the task force of new Silk Road, sign the revised bilateral investment protection agreement as soon as possible, deepen tourism and financial cooperation, optimize trade structure and work hard to achieve the objectives of US$50 billion and US$100 billion of bilateral trade in 2015 and 2020 respectively. The Chinese government is willing to work with the Turkish government to continue to create an enabling environment for the bilateral business cooperation.

Erdogan said that both Turkey and China are ancient civilizations and enjoy a long history of friendship. Located in the joint of Eurasia, Turkey boasts unique geological advantages and abundant resources. Its economy has maintained rapid growth in recent years. He hopes the two sides strengthen the all-round cooperation in the political, economic, social and cultural fields for the purpose of common development. Chinese enterprises are welcomed to expand investment in Turkey and share the opportunities created by Turkey's economic growth. The two countries are both major powers of engineering contractor in the world, have big potential of cooperation in the sector of engineering contract and can world together in third-party countries. The bilateral trade volume grows rapidly. The two countries should make joint efforts to promote the balanced development of bilateral trade. Turkey has rich tourism resources and attracts 31 million of person times of foreign tourists each year. He hopes more Chinese to travel to Turkey.

Prior to the forum, Wang and Erdogan held a brief meeting. Around 500 delegates from the governments and business communities of China and Turkey attended the forum.

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