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Epic Chinese film ASSEMBLY hits The Curzon Soho from March 7th


The second highest grossing Chinese film of all time, Feng Xiaogang's ASSEMBLY will be showing at London's Curzon Soho Cinema from March 7th 2008. Based on a true story, ASSEMBLY follows one man's journey in search of truth and honour. The Huaihai Campaign of the Chinese Civil War broke out in the winter of 1948 and became one of the bloodiest battles in Chinese history. Thousands from The People's Liberation Army and the KMT Army fought in a bloodbath in between Xuzhou and Bengbu. Captain Guzidi, commanding the Ninth Company, led the infantry unit which consisted of a mere 46 men on a sniping mission to defend the south bank of the Wen River. His orders were to fight until the retreat assembly call was charged. After long hours of defence, ammunition was running out, and the number of men standing in the Ninth Company was quickly decreasing. Everyone began to wonder if they had missed the retreat bugle call. But Guzidi insisted that the bugle had not sounded and that they were to continue to battle at all costs. It was not until later when he found that all the neighbouring troops had already left the field, that he realised he might have made a mistake and contributed to his men's deaths. Guzidi woke up in the hospital and discovered that due to a military re-organisation, he and the 46 men who sacrificed themselves during the deadly engagement, had lost their identities and ranks, and were deemed missing. Determined to prove the existence of the 46 men and honour their glorious deaths, Guzidi embarks on his journey to search for his troops.


(China 2007)

Director:  Xiaogang Feng (The Banquet, Big Shot's Funeral)

Starring: Zhang Hanyu, Deng Chao

Running Time:  124 minutes

Release Date: March 7th at The Curzon Soho

(Book tickets at

In the frontline of a battlefield, the only rule you can follow is the order from your superior officer. And the only person you can count on is the man fighting next to you.

 Click Here to View the Trailer

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