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Q&A about making donations

In recent days a number of overseas Chinese, students, staff of the Chinese enterprises in Britain and some British people have made donations to the account opened by the Chinese Embassy for the earthquakes in China. They have also raised some detailed questions, which are answered as follows:

Q: How to donate for the earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan Province?

A: Donations can be made in person in the Chinese Embassy in cash or cheque. Cheques can be sent to the Embassy by post. Donations can also be made payable to the Sichuan Earthquake Donation Account opened by the Embassy with the Bank of China (UK) whose branches and offices in Britain will all be able to receive donations. For details please log on the Embassy homepage at

Q: Can donations be made by internet banking from the opening bank to the Embassy account?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there any processing charge by the Bank of China (UK)?

A: No. The Bank of China (UK) will handle donations free of charge.

Q: Will the Embassy be able to issue any receipt after receiving the donations?

A: The Embassy staff will be able to issue receipt and give a letter of thanks if the donation is made in person in the Embassy in cash or cheque. Alternatively a receipt will be issued on confirmation of acceptance of the cheques and it will be sent with the letter of thanks to the contact address left by the donors if donation is made via the Bank of China (UK) or by post.

Q: What if the receiver's name "The Chinese Embassy in UK, Sichuan Earthquake Donation Account" is too long in making internet or bank donations or filling in the cheque?

A: According to the Bank of China (UK) it can be shortened as "CH.EMB.Sichuan Earthquake Special".

Q: Is the donation entitled to tax deduction in accordance with the British law?

A: Regrettably the response from relevant departments of the UK suggests that donations made through the Chinese Embassy are not entitled to tax deductions.

Q: How will the donation be used? Will it be able to reach the earthquake-hit areas?

A: The donations will be sent to the competent departments for rescue and reconstruction through China's Foreign Ministry. China has a full-fledged and effective disaster relief system and will ensure proper and efficient use of the donations. The Embassy will give feed-back of the use of the donations in a timely manner.

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