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Message of Love from an elderly British Lady

The Chinese embassy opened during the National Mourning period from 19-21 May and onwards. Many British people came to the embassy to pay condolences and made contributions to the victims of the Sichuan earthquakes. There are many moving stories and here is one of them.

On the 19th a plain-dressed elderly lady came with flowers. She knelt down in tears, paying tribute for several minutes. She told the embassy staff that she lived on her own and was not wealthy. It took her a long time in finding the way to the embassy. She said she did not have too much but she wanted to pay condolences to those victims especially the poor children after hearing from radio of the earthquakes in Sichuan. She said that she wished that the world we lived would have no disasters. She was reluctant to leave and murmured condolences for the children.

She came the second day and donated 50 pounds. She also wrote a long letter to the people in the disaster areas. It read: I share your pains. I have donated a little money and hope that it will help you to go through your difficulties. I write a letter to you because I have thought of some methods for epidemic prevention. The letter, full of simple wisdom and knowledge, was like the kind words of a neighboring granny.

The embassy staff was deeply moved. The 50 pounds was no small amount for her. And it must have taken her a long time to write the letter of love.

It is believed that the people in the disaster areas will be able to feel the love. While the Chinese people are suffering, many ordinary British people have shown their selfless love, which is so moving that it transcends national boundary, ethnicity and culture.

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