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BOA chairman: Beijing Olympic is No. 1

LONDON, July 29 (Xinhua) -- "I am fully confident that Beijing will host a successful Olympic Games, " Lord Colin Moynihan, Chairman of the British Olympic Association (BOA) said here On Tuesday.

"London has a lot to learn from Beijing", Moynihan said, "in both the construction of the Olympic facilities and the infrastructures."

Beijing has a remarkable success story in terms of the preparation of the Olympic facilities.

The BOA chairman who have been to Beijing six times and attended all the games since the 1980 Moscow Games, said that "the construction of Beijing's Olympic facilities and support service is number one in the world."

Beijing has been "greatly transformed" with the high growth rate of the country's economy during the years of preparation for the Games, Moynihan said.

"In many respects, Beijing is a new city now," the British Olympic official said.

The lessons London should learn from Beijing, Moynihan said, stressing the words "to learn", is that London should learn from Beijing to start the construction early.

It is always better to be early than late in preparation for such a big event like Olympic Games, the BOA chairman said.

Another lesson London should learn is Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee's attention to details, Moynihan said, adding that Beijing's attention to details can be best illustrated by their attention to the diversity of the food different cultural background of athletes.

The attention to details can be listed as one of the contributions Beijing has made to the Olympic movement, Moynihan said.

In order to learn from Beijing, Lord Moynihan said, UK has sent over 100 officials and professionals to work along with their Beijing counterpart.

The BOA head who is leaving for Beijing tomorrow morning said that he is to have a big family banquet in a Chinese restaurant as a celebration and then his family would join him in Beijing days later for the opening ceremony. Enditem

UK expects between No. 4 and 10 in medal list

LONDON, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The United Kingdom expects somewhere between number 10 and number four in the coming Beijing Olympic Games, a senior British sports official said here on Tuesday.

Colin Moynihan, chairman of British Olympic Association (BOA), said the UK team which came to number 10 four years ago in Athens is aiming at number 4 in the 2012 London Games, so UK would like it to be somewhere between number 10 and number four in Beijing.

The BOA head said that UK has sent 330 athletes to Beijing, and wishes they have a very big chance to win medals in cycling, rowing and archery.

The silver rowing-medalist-turned official said that British athletes are well prepared for the Beijing Games, with many of them still carrying on their preparation in Beijing, Macao or Japan to acclimatize to the heat and humidity in Beijing and Qingdao where rowing is to take place.

The air quality control in Beijing, which has drawn attention from many western media, should not be a big problem during the Games, as the government and Beijing Olympic Organizing committee has made a whole series of measures including closing down some of the pollution making factories and reducing cars on roads.

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