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Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying Delivers Keynote Speech to the Fourth Sino-UK Young Politician Forum

On September 14, 2010, Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying, at invitation, attended the fourth Sino-UK Young Politician Forum co-hosted by the International Department of the Central Committee of CPC and the Great Britain-China Centre and delivered a speech on the topic of how should China and the UK increase mutual understanding and trust.

Fu said that the West should abandon its prototype impression about China which is the result of the Cold War mentality and lack of understanding about the country. China is not a symbol, but a country composed of 1.3 billion of people. To understand China, one must understand the Chinese people. To understand China objectively and correctly, one must understand the daily life of the Chinese people. The West should regard China as an equal partner and shall not deal with China with a commanding view or the attitude of educating China. It shall never always try to suppress and restrain China in various ways. Europe should have a clear stance on China, remove the old baggage and truly cooperate with China in an easier attitude so as to jointly make the 21st century the first century of cooperation.

She noted that China has always been assuming the international responsibility within its own capacity. The criterion of China's international responsibility is not whether China helps the West to do what the West wants to do. The criterion should comply with China's own traditional ethics and principle of international relationship and be accepted by the Chinese people and people all over the world. He also proposed specific suggestions on how China and the UK play their advantages respectively to promote further development of bilateral friendly relations.

Later, Fu met with Lord Mandelson, head of the UK delegation and former first secretary of state of the UK.

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