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Commissioner Tian Lipu of State Intellectual Property Office Gives An Exclusive Interview with The Times

While attending "China-UK Intellectual Property Symposium" in London on December 8, Commissioner Tian Lipu of China's State Intellectual Property Office gave an exclusive interview with The Times, clarifying the infringement upon British IPR by China blamed by the British designer James Dyson in an article published on The Times on December 7.

Tian pointed out that China is a country of rule of law, and that the Chinese courts support patentees' appeal against IPR infringements in China and will handle these cases fairly in accordance with law. Many European and American enterprises have positive experiences in China, and the lawsuit filed by Dyson himself was supported by the Chinese court. China understands Dyson's anger over the infringement upon his patent rights, but what he said was untrue.

Tian stressed that IPR protection is a global issue, and that the Chinese Government has attached significant importance to it and has taken resolute measures to solve it. In fact, the problem of IPR infringement in China is no worse than other countries, but the western media has paid extraordinary attention to China. It is an important reason for the misunderstandings among western industries and the public. Tian hoped that the western media will cover China-related information in an objective and comprehensive way.

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