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Zha Peixin Leads Delegation to the UK to Brief on the 18th CPC National Congress

LONDON, Dec. 14 (Xinhua/Luo Jun and Dong Xiang) —Mr. Zha Peixin, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of NPC and former Ambassador to the UK, lead delegation to the Royal Institute of International Affairs on Friday to brief British scholars on the 18th CPC National Congress. The delegation introduced China’s development strategy and the new guidelines for the next 10 years and exchanged views with the participating experts and scholars at the meeting.

Zha Peixin introduced the blueprint that the new central leadership of China charted for its future development. He said, “The past 30 years have witnessed the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is well adapted to the national conditions of China. The rise of China will not only bring a better life to its 1.3 billion people, but also provide more collaboration opportunities for other countries to create a win-win situation. Therefore, it is conducive to the prosperity and stability of the whole world.”

In his speech, Mr. Wang Tongsan, Director of the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of CASS, introduced the progress and major achievements of the Chinese economy in the past 30 years and the difficulties and challenges for the Chinese economy in the future. He said that China is still the largest developing country and is facing the daunting task of economic restructuring. Mr. Wang pointed out that the goal of China’s future development is to build the country into a well-off society, and thoroughly explaind the roadmap to this end.

Mr. Xie Zhiqiang, Professor and Deputy Director of the Department of Sociology, Party School of the CPC Central Committee, introduced the problems and challenges in public administration in China, such as the reform of the household registration system, the regulation of income distribution, and the development gap between urban and rural areas. He said that these issues were highlighted at the 18th CPC National Congress , showing the strong confidence of China in strengthening the coordination between fairness and efficiency, building an olive-shaped society and further strengthening people’s democracy and the rule of law, so as to achieve a better development in the future.

The two sides also exchanged views on energy security, the specific measures to balance urban and rural development, how to promote science and technology innovation, the development of social organizations, and China-UK relations.

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