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Speech by Representative of the Chinese Government and State Councilor Dai Bingguo when Visiting the Chinese Delegation to the London Olympics


It is my great pleasure to join you here in the Olympic Village. Entrusted by General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao and on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, I would like to extend warm greetings and good wishes to all the athletes, coaches and staff members of the Chinese delegation! I hope that you will pursue the Olympic spirit “higher, swifter, stronger” and strive for success, live up to the expectations of our compatriots and win glory for our motherland.


The Olympic Games is the largest and most influential sporting event in the world Today. It is not only a global sports event but also a platform for the exchange of the peoples around the world and an important stage to display a country’s comprehensive strength. Eighty years ago when China first attended the Olympic Games, it was still a poor and weak country. The delegation had just one person. This first Chinese Olympic athlete was named Liu Changchun. He arrived in Los Angeles, the then host city of the Olympic Games after 25 days of hard voyage in the rough sea. He was penniless after the Games and managed to get enough expenses for the travel back to China only with the donations of the local Chinese community. We often say that a weak country has no diplomacy. But we can also say that a weak country has no sports.

This year we have sent a delegation of 621 members. Its size and strength have impressed the world. Today, after the nearly a hundred years of untiring efforts of the Chinese nation, China has undergone enormous changes. The country’s comprehensive strength and its international status and influence have increased significantly. I believe that you must be proud of being able to attend the Olympic Games on behalf of China, and you must also be proud of the continuous development of our country.

Your participation in the London Olympics is of special significance. Four years ago, we realized our dream by successfully hosting the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing. At that time the Chinese delegation won more gold medals than any other delegation. This is a historical breakthrough, It greatly encouraged our people and demonstrated our national strength. The London Olympics is the first Olympic Games following the Beijing Olympics. As a member of the Olympic Family and the previous host country, we have a special responsibility and mission. The Olympic Games is a competition, but it is also a big family. Its members need to help each other. We should always remember that four years ago when we hosted the Beijing Olympics, we received strong support from peoples all over the world. So today we will actively take part in the Olympic Games hosted in another country and offer our strong support.

Now our country is getting stronger and more influential in the international community. But it is still a developing country and we must remain modest and prudent. Though our country can be rated as a large sports country, it is not yet a sports power. This is still a gap between us and some sports powers. So we should sincerely learn from other countries to continuously enhance our sports performance. In sports competitions there are naturally both winners and losers. I hope that you can compete with a relaxed state of mind, win with grace and lose with dignity.


A strong state-to-state relationship depends upon mutual goodwill between their people. You are both athletes and the envoys of friendship from the Chinese people. I hope that you will not only have a good performance in competitions but also demonstrate Chinese people’s openness and confidence outside the competition venues, and enhance the influence and appeal of our country with your own actions. We Chinese should be both respectable and amicable to others.

This year will see the 18th National Congress of the Community Party of China. I hope that you will work together to both make great achievements in sports and perform your role as friendship and envoys. This will be a best gift to the Congress.

Though you are now far from the home country, the people in China are watching you. Do look after yourselves. If you have any difficulties or needs, feel free to let us know. The Chinese Embassy is your home and the mother land is always behind you.

Finally, I wish everyone of you great success.

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