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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's remarks on allegations against Japan paying a British think tank to hype up "China threat"

Q: A report released by the Sunday Times said that the Japanese Embassy in London has been paying the Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank, 10,000 pounds per month to hype up "China threat" in the UK. Some former government and military officials of the UK are said to be involved in the deal. What is China's comment on that?

A: We have noted the relevant report but have not seen clarification by the Japanese side. If what is told in the report is true, I can only say that they are wasting their efforts doing so. Japan's credibility is called into question when it on the one hand calls for an improved relationship with China and throws mud at China on the other. We urge the Japanese side to correct its attitude toward China and work for the improvement of the bilateral relationship rather than the opposite.

As for the reason why figures mentioned in the report are willing to be used by others as weapons, you have to ask them for an answer. We are not interested in digging deep into that. We are glad to see that the golden era of China-UK relationship is gaining momentum and receiving warm support from all circles of the two countries. Suffice to say that those people's behavior does not represent the mainstream of China-UK relations, but runs counter to what people from the two countries aspire for.

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